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About Us

Friends of Limerick Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and restoring the historic Limerick School, a one-room schoolhouse that served our community from the 1800s until 1957 when the school district was centralized. After that, it became the Limerick Hall, hosting meetings for various groups including 4-H clubs, unions, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Home Bureau.

We are pleased to announce we are open from 1PM to 3 PM on the first and third Sundays until October, the same as the Newstead Historical Society and the Knight Sutton Museum.


Thank you for your continued support in preserving this important piece of our community’s history.



To preserve Limerick School, one the area's last surviving one-room schoolhouses and promote its vital role in the history of the early settlements of the Town of Newstead and Western New York.



We hope to restore the Limerick School to enable children to once again walk the hard wood floor, sit at the desks, write on the chalk board and experience what a day was like in a one-room schoolhouse.  Allow visitors to visit the school and reminiscent about days when they went to school there.  Finally, offer a child's museum and summer arts program for youth.


Save it for them!

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