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Saving the Limerick School

The following have supported us be it through either a donation of funds, countless hours of volunteering or supporting a fundraising activity.   The Akron/Town of Newstead Community has really stepped up to save the Limerick for future generations we are so grateful!   The list is long please if we missed adding your name to the list please contact us to add.

Pat Pearce, Peter Forrestel, Doug Kneisley, Cheryl Kneisley, Lorain Daniels, Kristen MacCoy, David Webster, Wynne Klingel

Richie and Michaela Klingel, Kathy and David Harrington, Marilyn Hollenbeck, Donald and Sandy Kreher, Stacy Quinlan, Francis Bushhammer, Amanda Johnson, Amanda and David Harrington Family, Jessica Daniels, Tony and Lisa Kaminski, Jody Allen, Alicia Bartsch

Pappalardo Family Fund JAP Julie A. Pappalardo

Country School Association of America     |      Niagara Specialty Metals   |    Newstead Historical Society     |      I Squared R Element Co. Inc. 

Babz BBQ   |   Akron Bugle   |    The Newsteader   |     Hometown Vintage    |    Cubby Space  

Holland Creative Marketing    |     Rambo Roofing     |      Friends on Loose Group  | Honda of America

Elizabeth and Nickoles Abraham, Donald and Sandy Kreher, Nate Witkowski, John and Flora Leamer, Kathy Odell, Mrs. Louis Eldred, Bob Eldred Family, Tammy Kelly, Elaine Fry,  Annette Kamroy, Clair Noce, Elannor Dorman, Marcia Albrecht, Joshephine Burton, Helga Eulenburg, Mary Praprost,  Jane Heiderman,  Marcia Zwolinski,  David Wakeman,  Marci Harth,  Marlene Keller Harrington, John Abraham, Richard Swader, Stephanie Schaber, Pat Popielski, Zona Shreves, Bill and Marge Rebovich, Nancy Eckerson, Ruth Rebovich, Diane Hurne, Judy Lutz, Barbara Blemel, Laura Peters, Tracy and Roger Fox Family, Judy Moore, Dave Wakeman, Mark and Jan Lauridsen, Michelle Ciernick, Richard and Betty Campbell, Edward Bergham, Gerald Bistoff, Linda and Joe Capan, Arletha Freeman, Candace Frey, Ellen Frey, Diane Fryling, Sharon Goff, Dawn Harsch, Marci Hart, Jim Hayes, Harriet Klotzbach, Cindy Lobur, Judy Lotz, Karen and Gene Pryzbyl,  Mike Ray, Nancy Schmint, John and Catherine Schoental, Carrie Spy, Karen Sutten, Susan Cummings Winkley, Sharon Woodward, Guys Subs, McAndrew Funeral Home, Paula's Donuts, Kreher’s Egg Farm, Perry’s Ice Cream, Pixley’s,  Anderson’s, Candy Apple Café, Town of Newstead, Friends on Loose, Honda of America, Renn’s Auto Parts and Service, Pink Cow, Russell’s Steakhouse, Village Treasures, Herm Clouse Agency, Destroyer Park Golf


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